LA Cruisin' Body Scrub

LA Cruisin' Body Scrub

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Rollin' around the streets of LA is phenomenal. Seeing people of all ages, colors, religions, shapes, sizes and everything in between laughing, dancing, joking, play boxing, singing, yelling and just having a good time is a good time in itself! The smell of fresh white onions atop a street taco and music blaring down the block makes you want to jump out your car and join the party!

Scent - Watermelon
Body Scrub 

Each scrub is packed with vitamins and minerals to help you achieve the skin you want: radiant, smooth, moisturized, all of the above. A natural moisturizer, vitamin E is perfect for locking in hydration once the scrub has been washed away. Cleansed and exfoliated skin always craves hydration, so vitamin E is one of the best body scrub ingredients.

  • Reduces the appearances of cellulite, stretch marks, acne, dead skin and varicose veins.