Baby Rose Soap Bar

Baby Rose Soap Bar

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A true, fresh-cut rose scent with a soft baby powder fragrance for a superb clean and fresh aroma.  Topped with piped rosettes and hand molded soap dough balls. 5 + oz bar. 

All of our handmade artisan soap bars are created with a blend of skin loving base oils and butters (coconut, olive, shea butter/cocoa butter and castor) along with creamy homemade oat milk, coconut milk and aloe vera juice.

Our special blend of ingredients is purposely chosen to provide a dense creamy lather that will not dry the skin and strip it of necessary oils. The selected ingredients produce a very hard soap that will last a long time for you.

All of our handcrafted soaps are made in small batches with a strict attention to detail and use the cold process soap method.