Bubble Yum Soap Slice

Bubble Yum Soap Slice

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Just one smell will have you hooked! The base of the soap is a swirl design, topped with frosting and embeds.

• Great for party favors, baby showers, wedding favors or bridal showers.

• Every loaf is different. There are no two bars look exactly the same.

• Our soaps are hand cut so actual weight may vary.

• Each handcrafted soap might be slightly different in appearance compared to the pictures shown above. Each has its own unique pattern.

• Store your soap in a cool, dry place away of direct sunlight when not in use.

• When using your soap, be sure to allow your soap to dry between each use and avoid soap to sit in water.

• Soap will continue to weigh less over time. The scent and color may also fade over time. It's best to use your soap within six months.

• If you have any allergies, please carefully read the product ingredients prior to purchase.

• Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Our products are for external use only.